Negative Equity

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Negative equity occurs when the value of an asset used to secure a loan is less than the outstanding balance on the loan.

A fall in the market value of a mortgaged house is the usual cause of the negative equity. Or it can be when the owner occupier obtains a second mortgage home equity loan causing the combined loans to exceed the home value.

If the owner defaults and repossession and sale of the property by the lender does not raise enough cash to pay the outstanding balance the borrower will have lost the house and still be in debt.

Negative equity is back but we can help to erase your negative equity problem. Property values have fallen further than they did in the crash of the '80s and are predicted to take much longer to recover than they did back then. Thousands of people have been left with mortgages worth considerably more than the value of their property - living with the curse of negative equity. Some have lost their homes completely tearing their lives and hearts apart. Others are struggling to make the mortgage repayments knowing that they will still be in debt. The national house price fell by around 20% between 2007 Ė 2009.

So if you want to sell but find your property's current value is less than the size of the mortgage, what do you do?

Worse still, what if you have to sell, if you can see no other choice? You may be moving overseas. Maybe divorce or debt prompts the sale. You may want or need a bigger home to accommodate a growing family or need to move for employment purposes.

What if a forced sale or repossession is imminent? You stand to lose your home AND be left with massive debt, and that's assuming you somehow avoid bankruptcy.

It's not like the banks are there to help. They don't want to own your house if selling it won't cover the debt but if youíre unable to pay the mortgage on time, frankly, they don't know what to do apart from repossess.

There is the other scenario whereby you have registered your property with an estate agency and you wait to get a price you can work with. But then are told to continuously drop the price and then have to pay them thousands in commission. Some people have had their property on the market for years hoping for a sale waiting for a price they need as they canít afford to sell for less than you paid for it. Worse still get caught up in a chain after countless viewings and sales falling through.

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