Stop Repossession

What do you do when you’re facing repossession? The banks can’t help you and those that over lent you previously have now deserted, leaving you stressed and faced with the reality of possibly losing your home, negatively affecting your credit rating, and being left with an outstanding bill as the house is usually sold at auction for a price much lower than market value. If the auction doesn’t recover enough to pay the mortgage you will still be liable for the rest –and the lender has up to 12 years to recover this. Credit rating agencies are informed when a repossession takes place which means you wont be able to get a mortgage, loan or any type of credit and even lettings agencies check this making it difficult to rent. We know that traditional ways of selling your property like through an estate agent is not an option here as you need a fast sale to stop any proceedings. Its much better to stop a repossession by contacting us ‘We buy any house’ can help.

If you about to be served with a repossession order ‘We buy any house’ can stop the repossession and pay off any arrears, buy your house quickly and within weeks you can have the peace of mind to get on with your life. If you are facing repossession from your mortgage lender and are considering selling quickly – call us now we can help. Most repossessions can be stopped at any stage. If you are facing repossession it is important you do something rather than nothing – act now contact us we can help you. You could be debt free and living your life in less than a month. Call us – we can help you avoid the consequences of being repossessed. ‘We buy any house’ can buy any house in any area in any condition. We will buy your house and pay all the valuation and legal costs associated – there is no cost to yourself.

What can we do

At ‘We buy any House’ we can make you an offer, pay your arrears, stop the repossession, save some of the equity for you and allow you to move on with your life in less than 28 days. When your property is faced with repossession it is a frightening and you feel alone with no help available. At ‘We buy any house’ our advisors are trained to help you us as we can help stop the repossession and pay any arrears, and sell your property fast giving you enough to pay off your debts and move on with your life.

Our service is free to you and ‘We buy any House’ can act quickly to stop repossession – sometimes within days with everything finished within 28 days so you can move on with your life! There is no cost whatsoever to you – we pay all the survey, valuation and legal fees.

Just give us a call or complete the online form – we make a no-obligation offer and then consider your house sold – so you can get on with other things in your life! Its as simple as that! All hassle and stress free.

‘We buy any house’ can stop repossessions at any time. We specialise in buying houses quickly and can work within any timescale you have. Contact us for a fast response and a hassle and stress free way to sell your house. There are no hidden costs or obligations to yourself – and the price we offer is the price we give to solve all your repossession problem.

Selling your house can be easy as 1 - 2 - 3


We have simplified the process of selling your quickly.

The best way is to complete our online form, that way we can have your information and contact you as soon as possible, as phone lines can be busy, please do try again if our lines are busy, we now operate at 24HR phone service to meet with demand.

  • Fast SaleAs soon as we receive your information, we process your offer, if you need to sell your house in a short period of time, we will can meet your time schedule.
  • Any Where We offer a nationwide service and can buy your house wherever you are in the United Kingdom.